Some guys bowl... [Tom Plunkett]

The Remainders / Some Guys Bowl: An Anthology

Cover, front

The Remainders / Some Guys Bowl.. is an anthology album of the 1980's New Jersey bar band, The Remainders. I was the bassist. The members of the band:

Vocals? Everybody did vocals.

Suffragette City (Bowie)mp3
Is this love? (Greenrose)mp3
A somewhat suggestive rock and roll song about some girl (Wilson)mp3
From small things (big things one day come) (Springsteen)mp3
Like thunder she comes (Moore)mp3
If the bottle's empty (Moore)mp3
In God we trust (Exit 63) (Wilson)mp3
Devil's radio (Harrison)mp3
Silver lining (Wilson)mp3
Casablanca (Moore)mp3
Get off my cloud (Jagger/Richard)mp3
Kathleen (Moore)mp3
I'm Henry VIII, I am (Murray/Weston)mp3
Suzanne (Jerry Russell)mp3
I'm a man (Winwood)mp3
Roll over Beethoven (Berry)mp3
I shot the sheriff (Marley)mp3
I got you (Molland)mp3
Tooth song (Greenrose)mp3