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Antrim Studios / The Basement Disks

Cover, front

Antrim Studios / The Basement Disks is the album I released on mp3.com in the late '90s.

Down (Nilsson)mp3
Don't know what to do (Greenrose)mp3
In the middle of the night (Russell/Moore)mp3
A steady job (Russell/Moore)mp3
Gotta learn to let go (Greenrose)mp3
Strange platonic thing (Russell/Moore)mp3
Branch Brook theme (Russell)mp3
Cheap red wine (Russell/Moore)mp3
A night at the opera (Russell/Moore)mp3
In the still and the dark (Greenrose/Russell)mp3
A walking blue movie (Russell/Moore)mp3
Method to her madness (Russell/Moore)mp3
Spaceman bassman (Russell/Moore)mp3
Deep in the midnight hour (Wilson)mp3