A point in every direction is the same as no point at all. [Harry Nilsson]

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This is my home base, the first of an ever-expanding set of totally frivolous and self-serving websites. Thanks for dropping by.


Latest update - 26 Sep 2017: Just a refresh. Happy birthday, Eileen.



I am a lifelong New Jerseyan, the fourth of five children of Eugene and Margaret Russell. I was raised in North Arlington, a suburb of Newark. I am the grandson, on both sides, of emigrants from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My own nuclear family consists of my lovely wife Gina Marie, nee Stoia (whose heritage is Italian via Down Neck, Newark), and two exceptional children, Ash (b 1991) and Olivia (b 1994). Gina Marie and I have been residents of Nutley for our entire married life.



I've been programming computers since 1973, and making a living at it since 1979. As Daffy Duck so succinctly stated, "Ehh, it's a living." The nice part of entering the profession when I did is that my career encompasses the entire history of personal computers, with just enough prehistory on mainframes and minis to keep things in perspective.

Currently, I'm doing DataPower and XSLT programming for CVS Health in Florham Park, NJ.




Music has been a passion with me since early childhood, when I used to steal borrow 45rpm records from my older siblings. You can find out more about my musical dabblings on the Music page.


I love acting, and I've been doing it off and on since the 1970s. After all these years, I finally have a Manhattan credit to my name, thanks to the performance of Ann Mary Mullane's Not My Daughter at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Mind you, I still didn't get paid, so my amateur status is intact. I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with both my children. My wife has no intention of joining us in this particular pursuit.

Naturally, I've created a page with my theatrical resume.

The following "award" has been lovingly preserved as a demonstration of how old this web page is. Follow the link if you're too young to get the joke.

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